Using Salesforce, Solvio has developed user-friendly dashboards for a leading medical engineering products provider. This ensures that complicated, time-consuming processes can be handled by automation so that the company can focus on building relationships with their customers.

By automating complex costing calculations in quoting sheets and enabling systems to track and deploy technicians, we are leaving little margin for errors and inefficiencies. Integrating relevant features onto the mobile app improves user experience, and intuitive dashboards often have better service and sales management. 

To design this user-friendly dashboard, Solvio utilized technologies like Salesforce Lightning, Field Service Lightning, and Tableau CRM in addition to Salesforce integration. 

Problem Statement

For our medical engineering manufacturing client, both user and operational interaction with the domain and its app were inefficient and time-consuming. It did not allow for monitoring and analysis of sales and service operations, nor did it help users gain insights into their large data bank. Sales and service were not kept up to date based on performance or insights, further discouraging customer engagement.


Solvio developed a user-friendly, intuitive-design dashboard that provided the solution to all the problems our client was facing. In addition to encouraging user interaction, it also allows our clients to employ their technicians efficiently. 

  • Instead of spending resources on costing sheets, their complex calculations were automated in quoting sheets to minimize errors and improve sales efficiency.
  • Established a system that deploys and tracks technicians as and when required by the customer to ensure timely service and maintenance of products
  • Implemented required features on the mobile app so both the user and technician have access to data pertaining to the product
  • Designed intuitive dashboards to keep track of performance and insights related to sales and services


Leveraging Salesforce in the user interface has several advantages which ultimately lead to rapid growth and development of the company’s administration, sales, and services. Focusing on sales and service operations from the customer’s point of view allows the company to implement changes in their mode of communication and user interaction. This results in fewer errors, maximal efficiency, and updated maintenance of services.