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Chasing success in the consumer packaged goods industry is more than just delivering products; it's about crafting experiences that resonate with connected customers. However, the industry is rife with challenges like evolving consumer preferences, intense competition, and complex supply chains. 

At Solvio, we pioneer Salesforce solutions tailored for CPG, revolutionizing customer-centricity. Our transformative capabilities unlock next-level efficiency, streamlining operations, enhancing sales, and optimizing marketing strategies. 

With Solvio, your CPG business can navigate these challenges seamlessly, embracing innovation to package success and thrive in an ever-evolving marketplace.


What we offer

Advisory and Transformation

Build robust, executable, and future-proof roadmaps—so our clients know exactly what to do next, how to transform, and where to scale and grow.

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Digital Engineering and Experience

Offer the enterprises state-of-the art solutions in the CRM, CX and digital commerce fields.

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Innovation and Automation

Build a long-term vision, architect the adaptable solutions, and ensure a competitive advantage for sustainable future.

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Cloud Services

Accelerate and scale migration to the cloud to improve agility, minimize cost, and enhance CX.

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Acceleration Services

Support our clients' mission-critical applications and solutions and strengthen their ability to evolve at speed of agility.

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