Using Service Cloud, Solvio has enhanced both user and operational experience for the e-learning giant, Rosetta Stone. For this particular obstacle, we employed Service Cloud, which allowed us to customize the support portal according to the client’s needs.

While upgrading both user and support staff experience, we also created several new opportunities for the client

  • Multilingual language portals were converted to a frameless portal, making user experience more seamless and efficient
  • Point-and-click tools were utilized so our client could quickly adapt to the requirements of the Service Cloud without needing to write code
  • Apex Classes and Visualforce Pages were developed to streamline the content, login, registration, and password changes
  • Visualforce Pages helped retain Rosetta Stone’s traditional look and feel so users who are familiar with the domain’s layout were not affected while navigating the portal

Problem Statement

A frontrunner in the computer-based language learning industry, Rosetta Stone’s user experience was not seamless and therefore, inefficient in terms of operational functionality. Our client was also facing difficulties retaining the standard corporate theme their users were accustomed to. Additionally, multilingual language portals were causing disruptions in user experience. Overall, our client wanted to augment user experience and find a UI that wouldn’t interrupt user familiarity.


Solvio utilized Service Cloud to overcome this particular hurdle. Service Cloud, a function within Salesforce, is designed to enhance customer service and improve agent efficiency. Additionally, using technologies like Force.com Sites, Apex Classes, and Visualforce Pages increases the company’s adaptability and robustness for future ventures.

 Employing these various models allowed Solvio to achieve the following

  • Convert multilingual language portals to a frameless portal
  • Utilize point-and-click tools to create a user-friendly interface for administrators
  • Analyze and maintain content, login, registration, and password change data using Visualforce Pages and Apex Classes
  • Retain Rosetta Stone’s standard corporate theme using UI so user experience isn’t hindered


By customizing the support portal using Salesforce, Solvio was able to enhance user experience and maximize administrative efficiency. This ensures that a strong foundation is built for the client’s future road-maps that allows seamless transformation.