Wealth Dynamics, a resource center that comes under the Ed-Tech umbrella of Genius Group, recently set up a Sales Module and redefined their administrative operations. Solvio integrated Salesforce in the educational industry to seamlessly manage, analyze, and update marketing, partners, and accounts. This allows for more user interaction and, therefore, satisfaction while using the domain. 

Using technologies like Salesforce CPQ, Salesforce Billing, LWC, Salesforce Flows, Apex, JS, and Experience Cloud, Solvio ensured that customer engagement was maximized while also streamlining data storage processes for the client. 

To maximize customer engagement, Solvio integrated CTI with Aircall.io, which allowed our client to provide better customer service, stay updated with relevant customer call data, and improve productivity. Connecting WhatsApp with 360 SMS has also improved customer interaction. 

Solvio also integrated Zapier with apps like Zoom and Mailchamp to automate workflows, eliminate manual data entry, and improve efficiency. Furthermore, integrating our client’s systems with QuickBooks and DBSync has streamlined and synchronized the accounting process.


Problem Statement

Wealth Dynamics was facing obstacles in terms of streamlining administrative processes. This, as a result, saw a decline in customer engagement and involvement in activities like courses, workshops, seminars, etc., which are crucial for the success of a learning tool.


To help Wealth Dynamics overcome these hurdles and secure safe footing for their future road-maps, Solvio integrated Sales Module, a function within Salesforce, to augment our client’s administrative functioning.

  • Integration with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) helped in managing opportunities, commissions, and reports within the team
  • Integration with QuickBooks and DBSync allowed for streamlined accounting practices and synchronized operations
  • Integrating CTI with Aircall.io gave our client the ability to track, monitor, and adapt to customer needs based on call history data with the consumers
  • Connecting WhatsApp with the 360 SMS service of Salesforce also furthers our client’s aim to improve customer engagement and satisfaction by monitoring text messages communicated to the customer
  • Integrating Zapier with Zoom and MailChimp meant streamlined workflows and maximized efficiency


While integrating the Sales Module with our client’s system, Solvio was able to augment the streamlining process required to improve customer engagement and user interface. Eliminating obstacles like manual data entry and inefficient communication with customers resulted in a much more streamlined flow of processes within the Salesforce-integrated client.