Solvio employed Salesforce to improve user experience and functionalities for a leading luxury property developer in the UK and Middle East. We facilitated the seamless transition from the Oracle database to Salesforce, improving UI and operations.

 By integrating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams, our client was able to achieve hassle-free online meetings. Using custom pages, they were also able to keep track of sales management and updates. Additionally, customer portal features were exposed using REST APIs to ensure smooth and cohesive user experience on their mobile apps. 

These goals were reached mainly through the use of Salesforce, but also with technologies like Apex, Visualforce, REST API, SOQL, JavaScript, and jQuery.

Problem Statement

Our client was facing challenges with customer service and UI functionality. This affected sales management, user experience, and overall operational efficiency. The central data source needed to be shifted to a more modern system with adaptable CRM solutions.


First, Solvio oversaw the seamless transition of our client’s central data source from the Oracle database to Salesforce. This led to a domino effect of solutions that took place within the support portal

  • Incorporating Salesforce with Microsoft Teams ensured hassle-free online meetings
  • Custom pages allowed our client to monitor and update performances and reviews
  • Using REST APIs to expose customer portal personalizations enabled seamless user experience for their mobile apps


By integrating Salesforce in the property development process, Solvio has ensured that our client’s functionalities are always updated through a series of monitoring, analysis, and maintenance. Moreover, their user experience has been enhanced by ensuring hassle–free online meetings, sales management tracking, and monitoring reviews and performance.