Solvio implemented an improved lead management service for the Middle East’s leading insurance provider. Salesforce was used to collate and distribute potential leads from sources including Facebook (Meta), LinkedIn, webforms, etc. Then, it was utilized to automate lead conversion. 

By incorporating Salesforce in the insurance industry, Solvio has maximized efficiency and improved sales management through automation. This ensures that every agent has an opportunity to work on new leads. Automation also ensures that each lead goes to the agent most suited to it in terms of expertise, geographical allocation, etc. 

WhatsApp and CTI were integrated using API callouts and Salesforce Call Center, respectively, to encourage lead generation and conversion. The technologies used to implement these systems in a Salesforce-integrated environment are LWC, Apex, and REST Integration.

Problem Statement

Solvio’s client, a leading insurance provider in the Middle East, was facing issues with lead generation and conversion. Due to traditional methods, time and resources were inefficiently used, leading to poor management and sales operations.


To augment lead management and streamline customer engagement, Salesforce was implemented in this insurance company.

  • Salesforce collects leads by connecting with Campaign Monitor, webforms, Facebook (Meta), LinkedIn ads and other social media tools
  • Agents are assigned leads on a “round robin” basis to ensure that no individual is overburdened or looked over. Automation also ensures that leads are assigned to agents based on their expertise, qualifications, and geographic location
  • WhatsApp integration through API has lead to an increase customer interaction
  • CTI integration through Salesforce Call Center also led to marked improvement in customer engagement


When Salesforce was integrated with an insurance provider, we noticed a much more streamlined approach to operations, especially lead management. Instead of spending time and resources inefficiently on manual data entry, agent allocation, and lead generation methods, automation ensures that leads are collected from a wide variety of sources and that a suitable agent is allocated to a particular lead. This streamlining of processes puts our client on the fastrack to future transformations.