Solvio maximized operational efficiency by integrating Salesforce for a major US-based fleet management solutions company. By employing Salesforce in the logistics industry, our client was able to improve their management by reconfiguring customer hierarchy, enabling seamless asset management to locate, analyze, and monitor vehicles, customizing Rootstock and FinancialForce AppExchange solutions, and enabling features for efficient invoice generation. 

Salesforce allowed the client to adopt a more customer-centric approach, which enhanced their customer engagement and, as a result, fleet operations. By improving mobility solutions we were able to streamline processes, provide personalized and on-time service, and improve efficiency. 

Along with Salesforce, Solvio also utilized diverse, modern technologies like Apex, Visualforce, Apex Lightning, Rootstock ERP, and FinancialForce.


Problem Statement

Our client, a major fleet-management solutions provider in the US, faced challenges in maximizing operational efficiency and improving customer engagement. Traditional and manual processes were prone to errors, delays, and did not take a customer-centric approach to streamline operational management. Their existing systems lacked visibility in terms of assets and customer data. These obstacles hindered our client from providing personalized and timely services to their customers.



To augment their customers’ user experience and streamline their operations, we provided our client with CMS-integrated Salesforce solutions. This implementation has drastically improved customer engagement and fleet management in the following ways

  • Reconfiguring the customer hierarchy has lead to better understanding and therefore management of consumer needs
  • Customizing RootStock and FinancialForce AppExchange solutions has given them deeper insight into their clients’ specific needs, which in turn ensures optimized invoicing processes and inventory management
  • Coupling seamless asset management with Salesforce now allows our client to locate, analyze, and monitor vehicles in real-time


The result of our integration of Salesforce with CMS has been met with great success. It has also built a strong foundation for our client’s future projects and subsequent transformations. By connecting real-time visibility of vehicles with customer data, our client is now able to streamline their operations, provide personalized services, and improve overall efficiency.